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This Week In Fallsmead: Tropical Storm Agnes
Posted on June 19, 2018 4:21 PM by Melani Miller Harig
On June 21-22, 1972, Tropical Storm Agnes hit the Washington D.C. area, causing some of the worst flooding ever recorded in the region’s history. In Fallsmead, the storm caused a deluge of water from the creek to overflow into the pond, which, in turn, overflowed, sending mud and water flooding into the pool. The flooding also destroyed several wooden bridges that crossed the creek. In the aftermath, Fallsmead's builders created an overflow area between the pond and the creek and an upstream berm to help divert future flood waters away from the pond. They also replaced the destroyed wood bridges with concrete culverts so that flood water could flow over them. The pond also needed to be dredged to remove all of the silt from the flooding.
Photo Caption: Fallsmead pond in the 1970s. Photo Courtesy of Jim Morgan from the Fallmead History Photo Album.
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