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Festive Fallsmead Fourths
Posted on June 26, 2018 1:24 PM by Melani Miller Harig
Through the early 2000s, Fourth of July activities in Fallsmead were themed. Themes included Salute to America (1986), Mickey Mania (1995), and Protests in American History (1979). Everyone came in costumes and with parade vehicles (including floats) decorated based on these themes. Contest judging categories included best group/block, best family, and best stroller. Chalk drawing contests and even an occasional baked goods contest were also held.
All Photos Courtesy of Carol Starley from the 4th of July 1970s and 4th of July 1980s photo albums.
July 4, 1986. Carol and Steve Starley. Theme: "Salute to America"
July 4, 1976. Theme: "Bicentennial"
July 4, 1980. Theme: "Famous Characters in American Folklore"
July 4, 1977. Theme: "Past, Present, and Future"
July 4, 1979. Theme: "Protests in American History" or "History of Protest in the American Way of Life"
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