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Cows and Horses in Fallsmead
Posted on January 24, 2018 11:25 AM by Melani Miller Harig
Until the early 1980s, Pipestem Court and lower Pipestem Place beyond the pond entrance (which were built in the mid-1980s) were part of the 10-acre Ewing Farm. Early Fallsmead residents remember seeing the Ewing cows and horses grazing in the farm's fields. According to early residents, occasionally the cows and horses would escape from the farm and wander around the neighborhood or stare in people's windows.
The Ewing Barn in 1972. It was located behind the Etelson's house (1409 Fallsmead Way), where the Lurye's house is now (1075 Pipestem Place).  Photo from Fallsmead 25th Anniversary Book.
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