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This Week in Fallsmead: Residents Approve New Fallsmead Merger
Posted on November 28, 2018 4:05 PM by Melani Miller Harig
On November 30, 1981, Fallsmead residents voted to approve the incorporation of the 26 "New Fallsmead" homes (Pipestem Court and lower Pipestem Place beyond the pond entrance) into Fallsmead. The legal annexation agreement wasn't approved by the Board until June 28, 1982, after further negotiations with New Fallsmead developers Berger-Berman. 
Source: Fallsmead 25th Anniversary Book. All photos courtesy of Carol Starley from the Fallsmead History Photo Album.
Ewing property from 1419 Fallsmead Way in 1974 (now lower Pipestem Place). 
Ewing property from 1419 Fallsmead Way in 1974 (now lower Pipestem Place).
Ewing Farm being bulldozed to make way for New Fallsmead May 1982 (from 1419 Fallsmead Way).
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