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This Week In Fallsmead: Fallsmead Citizens Association
Posted on February 21, 2018 10:41 AM by Melani Miller Harig
The Fallsmead Citizens Association (FCA) was formed on February 19, 1975 to engage in any political or legal activities that might jeopardize the assets or tax-exempt status of the non-political Fallsmead Homes Corporation.
While it was active, the FCA represented Fallsmead citizens on matters such as transportation (e.g., building of the I-270 Falls Road interchange), local development (e.g., building of the Fallsbend neighborhood and opposing a plan for a high-rise next to the Rockshire shopping center), and community matters (e.g., neighborhood stop signs, negotiating with Berger-Berman for expansion of Fallsmead, and negotiating volume discounts for smoke detectors).
Photo Caption: Agenda from the Fallsmead Citizens Association First Annual Meeting on March 20, 1975.
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