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Posted on Feb 1st, 2017

This week, Fallsmead.org was upgraded to a new version of the software that runs the website. Although most of the website still looks exactly the same, there are major changes to the Online Neighborhood Directory and in your personal "Your Profile" section:
  • Household users are now tied together through a levels system. Level 1 Members are the first members from each household to sign up for a fallsmead.org account. Level 2 Members are usually spouses, but can also include other adults who live in the same household. Level 3 Members are children who live in the household.
  •  ALL ADULT LEVEL 1 AND LEVEL 2 HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS NOW HAVE THEIR OWN ACCOUNTS as long as they are listed in the system and they have an email address in the system.
  • You can now pick and choose which individual fields you want to display for each member of your household who is listed in the online directory.
  • You can now add a profile picture for each member of your household.
Some of the changes that were made during the system upgrade require action on your part to make sure the transition from the old system to the new system was successful. PLEASE LOG IN TO YOUR FALLSMEAD.ORG ACCOUNT AND DO THE FOLLOWING (if you do not know your password, we will be sending everyone in the system a password reminder – this is also great for Level 2 users who have not used their new accounts yet!):
  •  After you log in, click on “Your Profile” in the left navigation bar on the home page. 
  • Once in “Your Profile,” click on “Update Profile” and check to make sure that your data was transferred properly from the old system to the new one. Fill in any missing data from the new profile fields (if it has a red asterisk, it needs to be filled in).
  • From the “Your Profile” page, then click on “Update Directory Preferences”. This is where you can set your privacy settings (i.e., what information shows for you in the online directory).  You can now hide or show any field that you want!  THIS IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE YOUR PRIVACY SETTINGS DID NOT CARRY OVER FORM THE OLD SYSTEM!!!! Be sure to pick “Only other members can see” or “Hidden from all” as your preferences.  You should NOT pick “Everyone can see” as a privacy preference. If you want every member of your household to have the same privacy settings, click on the box on the bottom of the page to set all sub-users (people at other levels) to the same settings.
  • Again from the “Your Profile” page, be sure to also update the profiles and directory preferences for all of your Level 2 and Level 3 sub-users (each Level can have its own settings if you want).  Level 2 Members can log in themselves to put in their own settings, but be sure that at least one person from your household does this.
  • The “Your Profile” page is where you can add profile pictures for all of your household members, too.
  • NOTE: Please check kids’ names to make sure they transferred properly.  They went from one field in the old system to First and Last Name fields in the new system, and we have noticed that some did not transfer properly (the last name that was assigned in all cases was automatically the last name of the Level 1 member, which left some kids with two last names or the wrong last name).
 If you have any problems, please email us at communications@fallsmead.org. Thanks!