Fallsmead News
Posted on Feb 13th, 2017

At its January 2017 meeting, the Fallsmead Board approved new Driveway Expansion Guidelines for the neighborhood for use on an interim basis pending results from a survey of neighborhood driveways during the 2017 spring inspection.
Following are the Driveway Expansion Guidelines. These will be updated and made final after the ACC reviews the results of the driveway survey:


These Guidelines are intended to bring attention to the Covenant requirement for submitting
driveway expansions for architectural review; to provide and clarify the installation and use of
adjacent walkways; and give the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) a basis for decision
making when considering the impact of a proposal on the Covenant provision for “…maintaining
and enhancing a harmonious design” for all Fallsmead home

A driveway expansion which accommodates additional off-street parking is prohibited by the
Covenants (Article VI, Section 5(a)(ii)). Smaller driveway expansions for the purpose of
improved vehicle entry/exit towards the nearest lot line and not exceeding the architectural
frontage of the garage structure in that direction using matching material are permitted after
ACC review and approval. The driveway expansion must also maintain a gradual taper toward
the street so that it meets the driveway apron at a width no wider than that of the top of the
apron. Expansion of the driveway apron or intrusion into the City of Rockville’s public right-of-
way is prohibited.

When submitting a Review Request to the ACC for a driveway expansion, the requesting resident
must include the length and width measurements of both the existing and proposed driveway
measured at both ends along with a statement of intended use, a diagram illustrating the
proposal and confirmation that the proposed expansion complies with the City’s zoning
requirements regarding maximum front yard impervious surface limitations.

Driveway replacement or resurfacing using material matching the existing driveway and which
keep the same dimensions do not require ACC review and approval. Installation of walkways
adjacent to driveways are also permitted with ACC review and approval provided that they are
constructed of material (e.g. pavers, brick, slate, stamped concrete) that clearly differentiates
from the driveway and in a way so as to comply with the Covenant’s prohibition on additional
off-street parking and the City’s maximum front yard impervious surface limitations.

The Guidelines may also be viewed on the FAQs and Resident Info page here on Fallsmead.org. Questions can also be directed to acc@fallsmead.org.