Fallsmead News
Posted on May 8th, 2020

In light of Governor Hogan's amended stay-at-home order, the Fallsmead Tennis courts will be reopened as of 09 May 2020. To best protect tennis players and residents, the Fallsmead Tennis Committee has introduced the following steps to reinforce existing court reservation rules, and to add a few new recommendations and actions to help limit any unnecessary exposure to players as follows:
  1. Courts must be reserved on www.Fallsmead.org every time you use the tennis court. Upon reserving a court, the combination will be emailed to you. The combination will be changed weekly.
  2. Court use is limited to tennis and family pickleball only. No wall-ball or other activities at this time.
  3. Players under 16 are recommended to be accompanied by an adult. 
  4. A glove and/or antiseptic wipe should be used when you handle the lock and gate.
  5. A glove and/or antiseptic wipe should be used to move the pickleball nets (return to fence after use)
  6. Do not touch the tennis net posts or nets. 
  7. Leave any bags at the back of the court.  Benches have been temporarily removed.
  8. Remove all balls, personal belongings, and trash from the court when you finish playing.
  9. Close the gate and lock the court when you finish playing (with glove and wipe).
  10. Court usage will be tracked by reservations, and your use may be restricted or the courts may be closed if residents do not follow all rules. It is critical that the gate is locked following each use!
  11. Questions? Contact Mark Fellman at tennis@fallsmead.org