Fallsmead News
Posted on Aug 4th, 2020

Fallsmead is looking for volunteers! The Communications Committee is looking for a new Chair and people to help with the Fallsmead Forum and Communications Committee duties.
The Communications Committee is a group of volunteers that manages the communications for our HOA. Committee members manage the Fallsmead website and Facebook page, distribute written and electronic communications to the community, and publish the quarterly issues of the Fallsmead Forum. The Committee Chair is responsible for managing these responsibilities and reporting to the Board of Directors about the Committee’s activities. 
We are currently looking for volunteers for the following positions:
  • Committee Chair – Manage the Communications Committee and provide reports to the Board of Directors. No experience necessary. 
  • Fallsmead Facebook Administrator – Help manage the Fallsmead Facebook page.
  • Fallsmead Forum Assistant Editor – Assist in the publication of the Forum by collecting articles and columns to be published in the Forum and obtaining advertisements for the Forum.
  • Fallsmead Forum Contributors – Occasionally contribute an article or column to the Forum
If you are interested in joining the Communications Committee, please send an email to communications@fallsmead.org and president@fallsmead.org expressing your interest.