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Servings: 4
Complexity: Medium
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From Kathie Dever's September 2007 Fallsmead Forum Cooking and Entertaining Column: Sometimes I am in the mood for something exotic tasting and this recipe really fills the bill. Spicy, but not hot with a wonderfully fragrant sauce and a special technique for making boneless breast of chicken particularly succulent, this will satisfy your craving for an Indian dish. According to Cook's Illustrated, the dish was invented in London in the 1970's and is claimed to have replaced Yorkshire pudding and fish & chips as Britain's ''true national dish". The sauce can be made as much as 4 days ahead and I don't see why it won't freeze well, although I haven't tried it yet. I tend to avoid boneless, skinless chicken breasts because they strike me as rather bland and are so easy to overcook. But they are perfect in this recipe. Try it and let me know how it works for you!