Neighborhood Assistance
What is the Fallsmead Neighborhood Assistance Program?
The Fallsmead Neighborhood Assistance Program is an informal, neighborhood-based program established by several of your Fallsmead neighbors to create a mechanism for Fallsmead residents to request or provide assistance to anyone in need in the Fallsmead community.
Although the original focus of the program was the aging in place movement, since then we have come to learn that some so-called "villages" and other projects that were modeled to some extent on Beacon Hill Village have stepped away from a strict aging in place focus and have directed themselves to whole communities. We have tried to emphasize this aspect here in Fallsmead, where we already have an active community and excellent means of community-wide communication. We are not a community of old people who need to find a few younger neighbors to help us. We are a vibrant, multi-generational community of neighbors who all can use assistance from time to time.

What Can the Program Do for Me?

If you need help with something (such as a ride to an appointment or any other task), just ask! There are many volunteers in the neighborhood who would be more than willing to help out if they can.  
Who Is In Charge of the Program?

There are two neighborhood coordinators for this program: Jesse Etelson (1409 Fallsmead Way) and Jim Marrinan (5 Old Creek Court). 
How Does the Program Work?
Under the program, the neighborhood coordinators accept requests for any kind of assistance. Once you contact whichever of the coordinators you can reach first, the coordinator will send out an e-mail to the entire list of neighborhood volunteers to see if any of them are available to assist with that request. The email will not identify the requestor, who will be known only to the contact person and the volunteer who offers the assistance. There is no limit to the kinds of assistance that the program will entertain, only the reality that there must be a volunteer willing and able to provide, for example, a ride to an appointment, at the time it is needed. 
What Can I Do To Help?
If you want to be added to the volunteer list, please let one of the three neighborhood coordinators know. Please remember, if you are added to the volunteer e-mail list, you are only agreeing to help if you have the time and the availability at the time a request is made. Prospective volunteers on the list are not expected to respond to any and all requests for assistance at any time. Being added to the volunteer list merely indicates your willingness to help at some point if you can. The idea is just to match up the requestor with someone who is ready and able at that time to help. It is a way not only to provide needed assistance, but to enhance the feeling of community in that we all, and not just our immediate neighbors and social friends, are part of this wonderful and caring community.
If you receive assistance, you can add yourself to the volunteer list if you wish but only if that is something that fits your own situation. It is not expected that the person who receives assistance will be in a position to reciprocate or be added to the volunteer list. 
Who Do I Contact?
Contact any of the program coordinators to request assistance or to volunteer to help. Jesse Etelson can be reached at (301) 424-4355 and Jim Marrinan at (301) 340-1325.