Tennis/Racket Sports
Welcome to Fallsmead's Tennis/Racket Sports page! From this page, you can learn about the different racket sports you can play on the courts, see court hours and information, access current court rules, make court reservations, learn about court access, hear all about upcoming lessons and court activities, and more.
Please contact the Racket Sports Committee directly at or via the Contact Us page with any questions!
  1. Courts must be reserved on every time you use the tennis court. Upon reserving a court, the combination will be emailed to you. The combination will be changed weekly.
  2. Court use is limited to tennis and family pickleball only. No wall-ball or other activities at this time.
  3. Players under 16 are recommended to be accompanied by an adult.
  4. A glove and/or antiseptic wipe should be used when you handle the lock and gate.
  5. A glove and/or antiseptic wipe should be used to move the pickleball nets (return to fence after use).
  6. Do not touch the tennis net posts or nets.
  7. Leave any bags at the back of the court. Benches have been temporarily removed.
  8. Remove all balls, personal belongings, and trash from the court when you finish playing.
  9. Close the gate and lock the court when you finish playing (with glove and wipe).
  10. Court usage will be tracked by reservations, and your use may be restricted or the courts may be closed if residents to do not follow all rules. It is critical that the gate is locked following each use!
  11. Questions? Contact Mark Fellman at

What Racket Sports Can I Play?

Fallsmead residents can play tennis, badminton, pickleball, and wallball on the Fallsmead tennis/racket sports courts.
  • Court 1 (the court on the side of the entry gate) is only available for tennis. It is striped with white lines with regulation tennis court dimensions for tennis play only.
  • Court 2 (the court closest to the creek), is available for tennis, badminton, and pickleball. Court 2 is striped with white lines for tennis and with yellow lines for badminton and pickleball. There are two badminton/pickleball courts on Court 2, one on each side of the net. The pickleball court is located on the pool side of the net on Court 2; the badminton court (which can also be used for pickleball) is located on the park side of the net on Court 2. Click here for a diagram showing the setup of the badminton/pickleball courts on Court 2, or visit the FAQ page for more information about the difference in the dimensions of the badminton and pickleball courts.
Visit the FAQ page to find out more information about how to play badminton or pickleball.

Court Hours and Usage

The tennis/racket sports courts are available for play from dawn to dusk each day. Courts can be reserved from 8:00 a.m. through 9:00 p.m. (see "Court Reservations" below). 
Once you arrive on the court, you will find the courts ready for tennis. However, to play pickleball or badminton, a net must be put in place for your game. The two pickleball/badminton nets are stored along the creek-side fence next to Court 2 on locked tethers that are fastened to the fence with a snap. To play a game, the nets can be unsnapped and moved easily by one person onto the center line marked in yellow on either the pickleball or badminton court. The net heights can be set for either pickleball (lowest height setting) or badminton (highest height setting). Now you are ready for play. After play, please move the portable nets back along the fence and lower the net to the lowest setting. Please note: the pickleball/badminton net locks have the same combination as the court lock combination (see "Court Access" below).
Courts are to be locked at all times when there are no players on the courts. Please relock the courts after play on the courts has ended.

Court Rules

Click here for current Fallsmead tennis/racket sports rules.

Court Reservations

You can click on the Reservations page to reserve your Fallsmead court times. Just click on "View Availability"; select your preferred date, time, and court; and submit your choice to make your reservation. After you make an online court reservation, you will receive a confirmation email that will include the court lock combination. . .so be sure to keep an eye out for it!
Each family may reserve court times for a maximum of two hours of Prime Time, two hours of Junior Time,  and two hours of Nonprime Time per week: 
  • Prime Time - Monday through Friday from 5:00 p.m. until dark. Saturday, Sunday and holidays all day. Adults and employed young adults (age 16 and older) may sign up for Prime Time.
  • Junior Time - During the school year, Juniors may sign up Monday through Friday for time ending at 5:00 p.m. During summer vacation, Juniors may sign up Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m.  
  • Nonprime Time - Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
If you are making a court reservation for tennis, please be courteous to your fellow racket sports players and reserve Court 1 first if both courts are open so that racket sports players can have a chance to reserve Court 2 for badminton or pickleball.
If you login to your account before making your court reservation, you will be able to track or delete your court reservation by clicking on "My Reservations" on the main Reservations page. If you do not have a account, you will still be able to make a court reservation; however, you will not be able to track or delete your court reservations using the "My Reservations" feature (so be sure to keep your confirmation email!).
Reserved courts must be claimed within ten minutes of the scheduled time or any resident may use the court for the remainder of the hour.

Court Access and Lock Combination

The tennis courts will be locked when they are not in use. In order to access the courts, just enter the four-digit access code on the gold-colored lock. (A second black and white combination lock is also attached to the locking chain; however, it does not need to be unlocked to get access to the court.) Note to pickleball/badminton players: the pickleball/badminton net locks have the same combination as the court lock combination.
Your online court reservation confirmation email will include the four-digit court lock combination that you will need to unlock the courts, so be sure to hold onto your confirmation email.  
Be sure to relock the gold lock when you leave the courts. The courts should always be locked when they are not in use. If you ever walk by the courts and see the court lock unlocked, please be sure to relock the gate. 
Tips for Locking the Gate Properly:  
  • It is not easy to see the gate lock opening in the gate arm where the combination lock arm should go. The picture on the right shows the lock locked with the correct placement. First, the "y" arm should be closed over the door frame post. The arm must be fully closed down for you to see the opening in the gate arm. In the picture, one can see, under the silver color bolt and nut,  where the lock arm goes through the arm lock opening.
  • At least one of the digits needs to be changed for it to relock. If you have not been able to find where the combination lock arm should go, look under the gate latch when it is closed. On the underside you will see the round opening. Slide the lock through that opening, close the lock, and rotate 2-3 of the 4 numbers on the bottom of the lock. The lock is not locked until you move at least one number off the open combination numbers.

Tennis Lessons

Andy of Andy’s Tennis Academy is a former All American (quarterfinalist) tennis player who played for NC State. He has more than 10 years of teaching and coaching experience. He has taught at Fallsmead in past years. He can be reached to schedule lessons at or 301-437-2566.

Tennis/Racket Sports Activities

Round robin tennis evenings will be held every Tuesday at 7 p.m. during tennis/racket sports season (usually starting in May). Both male and female players are invited to join in. If you have not played here, or even if you have, this can be an opportunity to find new players at your skill level. There are two courts so if necessary, the group can be split into different skill levels.  
Community pickleball round robins will be held every Thursday at 6 p.m. during tennis/racket sports season (usually starting in May). All Fallsmead residents are welcome, regardless of pickleball experience, age, or gender. We would like everyone to have a try at playing! There will be rackets and balls provided.

Court FAQs

Check out the FAQ page to see some frequently asked questions about tennis and racket sports in Fallsmead.