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Fallsmead has several standing and ad hoc committees that help to carry out the work of the community.  Much of the work of the Fallsmead Homes Corporation is handled by committees, and plans and decisions often start at the committee level. 
We always need volunteers to help out with our committee activities!  Anyone in good standing in Fallsmead is welcome and encouraged to join.  For additional information, requirements, and needs of each committee, please check out our Volunteers page, or contact the various committee chairs by clicking our Contact Us link.
A brief overview of each of our present standing committees is included below.  Ad hoc committees are also occasionally created to address needs within the community.  Any currently-existing ad hoc committees (there are none at present) would be included below.     
Architectural Control (Chairman:  Bill Scharf)
Committee Members:  Linda Brennan, Dan Bucsa, Janice Frankle, Mike Jacobs
The Architectural Control Committee (or ACC) reviews all proposed exterior and architectural changes to properties within Fallsmead.  It is comprised of a dedicated group of homeowners that volunteer their time to interpret the community guidelines and evaluate exterior modification proposals.  They also conduct periodic inspections to determine compliance with community architectural standards and approved plans for alterations. 
Communications (Chairman and Website Co-Administrator:  Melani Harig)
Committee Members:  Jim Beller (Neighborhood Email List), Larry Arnold (Fallsmead Forum Editor), Jo Resnick (Website Co-Administrator)

The Communications Committee serves as the primary information conduit for the neighborhood.  The Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining the Fallsmead website, Facebook page, and Twitter account.  Our neighborhood newsletter, the Fallsmead Forum, reports on the current status of community projects being handled by the Board and activities of members of the Fallsmead community. Email alerts are also periodically sent out to the neighborhood containing current neighborhood information.     
Finance (Chairman:  Darryl Parrish)
Committee Members:  Pat Donohue, Mike Jacobs, Edward Marcus, Tom McKenna, Eric Wexler

The Finance Committee advises committee chairs in developing and managing committee budgets, and prepares financial strategies and plans for major community projects.
Grounds and Maintenance (Chairman:  JoAnn McConnell)
Committee Members:  Rob DeLucia, Dominique Lorang-Leins, Edward Marcus
The Grounds and Maintenance Committee is responsible for maintenance and repair of the common property within Fallsmead.  This includes overseeing and negotiating any contracts with outside landscapers, lawn care providers, or other necessary grounds and maintenance contractors (with the exception of the pool); developing and implementing community-wide landscape and landscape-related enhancements (such as our new benches and picnic tables); and maintaining our playground, walking paths, and more.  This committee also keeps the Board informed of common areas in need of improvement.
Pool (Chairman:  David Teague)
The Pool Committee reviews and oversees contracts for the pool management company, which provides the lifeguards and maintains the pool operation during the pool season.  It also oversees the maintenance of the pool and associated structures throughout the year. 
Racket Sports (Chairman:  Mark Fellman)
Committee Members:  Stan Bissey, Devar Burbage, Terry Dalle-Tezze, Mike Jacobs, Tom McKenna, Neil Shiffma, Ed Tennent
The Fallsmead Racket Sports Committee is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the Fallsmead courts, nets, and other equipment and supplies for tennis, pickleball, badminton, and wallball. The Committee is also responsible for overseeing contracts for repair and maintenance of the courts and equipment. 
Social (Chairman:  OPEN)
The Social Committee organizes/co-organizes community social events such as neighborhood picnics, parades, pool parties, house decorating contests, holiday events, and adult happy hours. The committee also identifies ways the neighborhood can participate in charitable events such as toy/food drives, etc.  
Swim Team (Chairman:  Jo Resnick)
Committee Member:  Junhua Liu, Mariam Yoon
The Swim Team Committee oversees the overall running and budgeting of the Fallsmead Sharks Swim Team, including recruiting coaches; organizing meets as part of the Montgomery County Swim League; and getting information about the swim team out to the neighborhood and parent volunteers.