Board of Directors
Every homeowner within Fallsmead is automatically a member of the Fallsmead Homes Corporation (“FHC”). The FHC is a non-profit corporation that holds the assets of the community.
The Board
The FHC is run by a volunteer nine-member Board of Directors. Three new directors are elected each fall to replace three directors whose terms are expiring. All members serve three-year terms, which commence on January 1st following their election. Board members are not compensated for their time in any way, nor do they receive any reduction of dues or fines, if assessed. There are also two non-elected staff for the Board: a Treasurer and Recording Secretary.

Following is a list of the current Board members:
Position Name Term Expires
President/Director Larry Arnold 12/31/2023
Vice President/Director
Carola Paganini
Corporate Secretary/Director Doug Guidorizzi
Treasurer Jeff Cornish N/A
Recording Secretary Jo Resnick N/A
Director Nikhil Bijlani 12/31/2024
Director Bob Browning
Director Janice Frankle 12/31/2022
JoAnn McConnell 12/31/2023
Director Maureen Schuknecht 12/31/2024
Director David Stenbakken 12/31/2022
To reach any Board member individually, please click on the Contact Us link. We are all happy to help in any way and love to hear what is on your mind.

Governing Documents
Below is a list of the FHC governing documents. To view individual documents, please click here
  • Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants, approved March 2010
  • Amended and Restated Bylaws, approved March 2010
  • Corrective Amendments, approved March 2010
  • Articles of Incorporation, recorded December 1, 1966, Liber 124, page 64