Fallsmead News
Fallsmead Holiday House Decorating Contest Winners
Thanks everyone for participating in the 2020 Holiday House Decorating Contest!
The winners are:
  • Most Creative: 2 James Spring Ct (the Pisarra family)
  • Best Use of Lights: 1853 Greenplace Terr (the Bucsa family)
  • Best Overall: 1414 Fallsmead Way (the Marcus family)
Honorable Mentions:
  • 4 Infield Ct. North (the Coonin family)
  • 1424 Fallsmead Way (the Keane family)
  • 1838 Greenplace Terr (the Runko family)
  • 7 Trail House Ct (the Fellman family)
  • 1074 Pipestem Place (the Roemer family)
 A big thank you to our judges, the Murphy family: Andy, Karen, Connor, and Brendan!
We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season!
New ACC Chair Needed
The Board of Directors is looking for a person to take over as Chair of the Architectural Control Committee for the coming year. No experience necessary! We have a group of experienced committee members who can help with the transition and outgoing Chair, Bill Scharf, has also agreed to stick around to help the new Chair.
The ACC Chair reports to the Board of Directors and manages the ACC. The ACC is integral helping Fallsmead maintain its place as one of the jewels of Rockville. The ACC reviews neighbor requests for exterior modifications and resale clearances; conducts an annual inspection of homes for exterior maintenance compliance; enforces the architectural control provisions in the Fallsmead covenants; and maintains records of ACC decisions. 
Please contact acc@fallsmead.org or president@fallsmead.org if you have any questions or interest.
Trucks in Fallsmead

The Board of Directors adopted in December 2020 a new "Overnight Garaging of Trucks & Commercial Vehicles Rule & Regulation" regarding the interpretation of Article VII, Section 4 of the Covenants that address overnight parking of commercial vehicles and trucks to define the terms “commercial vehicles” and “trucks” as used in the Covenants.
Under the new Rule and Regulation, the following vehicles are required to be garaged overnight:
  • Commercial vehicles; 
  • Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) rating of 8,500 pounds or greater; and 
  • Any vehicle with a GVW rating under 8,500 pounds with an exposed flat/cargo bed, and/or physical divider between the passenger cab area and the other portion of the vehicle, unless the flat/cargo bed is covered with a fitted and intact covering, such as a tonneau cover or cap no higher than the cab, provided the covering is used to cover the flat/cargo bed overnight, or the flat/cargo bed is kept empty overnight.
Trucks as defined in the new Rule and Regulation with a GVW under 8,500 do NOT have to be garaged overnight if they have a cover over their cargo bed or their truck bed is empty.
Read the entire new Rule and Regulation on page 6 of the December 2020 Fallsmead Forum.
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