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Welcome to Fallsmead.org!  We designed this website to be a timely resource where residents can find out what is happening in Fallsmead and get answers to questions about our community.  So, please, check back often, and contact us if you have any questions or suggestions!
~ Fallsmead News ~
Posted on Nov 14th, 2017

All updates/additions for the 2018 Fallsmead Neighborhood Print Directory are due by January 1, 2018. The new directory will be coming out early next year. Please be sure to check your 2016 directory listing to see if any changes need to be made!

What Do I Need To Do?

If you are ok with your listing from the 2016 directory, you don’t need to do anything. You are all set!

If, however, you are in one of the following categories, be sure to update your information:

  • You are new to the neighborhood (including renters) and were not included in the 2016 directory; OR
  • You want to make changes to your 2016 directory listing (e.g., new additions to the family, add or change phone numbers or email addresses, etc.). 

How Do I Update My Information?

You can update your information using one of four options: 

If you want us to use your information from the online directory at Fallsmead.org for the print directory, just let us know.  We will not use your online directory information for the print directory unless you give us your approval.

Posted on Nov 14th, 2017

Please submit any requests to be added to any of the neighborhood services lists (Babysitters, Computer Helpers, House Sitters, Lawn Mowers, Pet Sitters/Walkers, Show Shovelers) for the 2018 print directory by January 1, 2018. You can request to be added to any of these lists by using any of the four information update options noted in the article above. Lists are not carried over from previous directories.

All neighborhood kids services/computer assistance listings are now being added to the “Find A Sitter or House Helper” page at Fallsmead.org. If you want more detailed information to be included in your online listing (e.g., availability, experience, personal information, etc.), simply add a new listing for yourself (which will automatically replace your existing one).

Posted on Nov 12th, 2017
The Little Free Library is up and running at the corner of Infield Court North and Fallsmead Way.  
Here's how the library works...
This Little Free Library offers a way to share good things to read—favorite books from your childhood or books you would recommend to friends; books that teach, intrigue and engage you. All of us can help by keeping this collection stocked with good reading material. 
Whose library is this? 
It belongs to everybody in the Fallsmead community-- neighbors, friends, and people we don’t even know yet. Anyone can use it. That’s why we want to take care of it. 
Take a book. 
If you see something you want to read, take it. Look inside and see who gave it; who else has read it. 
Share it. 
Return it to any Little Library or pass it on to a friend. 
Give books. 
Leave notes in them. Be a friend of all libraries by helping any way you can. Pay it Forward!
If you have any questions, please contact social@fallsmead.org.
Posted on Sep 14th, 2017
City of Rockville fall leaf vacuuming for Fallsmead will be the week of November 13th through 17th and again the week of December 18th through 22nd.  Residents should rake leaves to the curb just before the collection dates.  For more information, please click here.
Posted on Feb 13th, 2017
At its January 2017 meeting, the Fallsmead Board approved new Driveway Expansion Guidelines for the neighborhood for use on an interim basis pending results from a survey of neighborhood driveways during the 2017 spring inspection.
Following are the Driveway Expansion Guidelines. These will be updated and made final after the ACC reviews the results of the driveway survey:
Posted on Feb 1st, 2017
This week, Fallsmead.org was upgraded to a new version of the software that runs the website. Although most of the website still looks exactly the same, there are major changes to the Online Neighborhood Directory and in your personal "Your Profile" section:
  • Household users are now tied together through a levels system. Level 1 Members are the first members from each household to sign up for a fallsmead.org account. Level 2 Members are usually spouses, but can also include other adults who live in the same household. Level 3 Members are children who live in the household.
  •  ALL ADULT LEVEL 1 AND LEVEL 2 HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS NOW HAVE THEIR OWN ACCOUNTS as long as they are listed in the system and they have an email address in the system.
  • You can now pick and choose which individual fields you want to display for each member of your household who is listed in the online directory.
  • You can now add a profile picture for each member of your household.
Some of the changes that were made during the system upgrade require action on your part to make sure the transition from the old system to the new system was successful. PLEASE LOG IN TO YOUR FALLSMEAD.ORG ACCOUNT AND DO THE FOLLOWING (if you do not know your password, we will be sending everyone in the system a password reminder – this is also great for Level 2 users who have not used their new accounts yet!):
Posted on Jun 15th, 2016
If you have attended a recent community meeting or have read the Fallsmead Forum, you know that the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) has been drafting guidelines for solar panel installations in the Fallsmead. The ACC's proposed guidelines, published in the last issue of the on-line Forum for community review and comment, were approved by the Board at its June meeting and are effective immediately. The guidelines comply with federal, state and local regulations and will be updated as those and the technology evolve. Similar guidelines have been successfully used in nearby communities.
A solar panel installation is an exterior addition as defined in the Covenants. Fallsmead residents should be aware that the ACC will use these guidelines in its review of any proposed solar panel installations. The guidelines should be  taken into account early in the planning of any installation. The ACC will work cooperatively with residents planning solar panel installations so that those installations are safe, minimize visibility to the extent practical without degrading performance significantly, and harmonious with Fallsmead's design and aesthetic.
Click here to see a copy of the guidelines. If you have any questions about the solar panel installation guidelines or their applicability, please contact the ACC at acc@fallsmead.org.
Posted on May 11th, 2016
The Fallsmead Board has approved new ACC guidelines for trash can screens. The updated guidelines are noted below.
"Screens to hide trash and recycling containers are permitted subject to the following: 
  • The design, color, size and location are subject to review by the ACC. A gate may be incorporated into the design.
  • Screens may be made of wood or other suitable material in harmony with the Fallsmead community.
  • Screens may be left unpainted to weather or painted to match or complement the Owner’s Private Dwelling Unit.
  • The screen’s height shall not exceed four feet."
Visit the FAQ and Resident's Info page to see more information about the proper storage of trash cans in Fallsmead.
Posted on May 1st, 2016
Residents, if you are planning on selling your home, please be sure to contact our neighborhood treasurer, Eric Wexler, for the packet of official Homeowners Association Resale Documents.  His email address is treasurer@fallsmead.org. The fee for the HOA documents is $100.
You can submit a payment for your HOA resale documents by either 1) sending a check made payable to Fallsmead Homes Corporation to Fallsmead Homes Corporation, PO Box 1565, Rockville, MD 20849-1565, or 2) submitting a payment online via PayPal or credit card on our Online Payments page.
If you are a new resident and haven't received your new homeowner's welcome packet, please also be sure to contact Eric and he will get it to you.
Posted on Sep 15th, 2013
If you registered at Fallsmead.org and never heard back from anyone, please let us know at communications@fallsmead.org! Once we manually approve people (which we usually do within a few hours of people registering), the website automatically generates an email that includes your password.  You should have gotten this email within 24 hours of registering.

We suspect that some of these registration emails may have gotten lost in spam for some people, but this is something that we can easily fix as long as you let us know that it is a problem.

For any future registrants, if you don't hear back within 24 hours of registering, please let us know. Thanks!
Posted on Mar 12th, 2013
We are really excited to introduce you to the new Fallsmead.org website!  We hope that this new website helps you keep up with what is going on in Fallsmead, and will be your go-to spot to answer all of your questions about Fallsmead.

One thing you will notice about the new website is that certain pages are now password protected in order to increase neighborhood security.  In order to access these password-protected pages and documents (as well as several other new features on the website, such as the Recipe Book and the Classifieds), you will have to first register on the site. 
In addition to allowing you access to the site's password-protected pages, registering will also allow you to opt in, or out, of the online Neighborhood Directory, and to set your preferences for the Neighborhood Email List. 

~ 2018 Fallsmead Print Directory Update Form ~
Click here to update your family's information for the 2018 Fallsmead Print Directory. All information should be updated by January 1, 2018. 

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Posted on July 28, 2015
Click on "View Items" in the Lost and Found box on the home page, or on "Report a Lost or Found Item" on the View Items page, to report a lost or found item.