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Pipestem Culvert Bridge Construction Update
January 15, 2023
Work on the Pipestem Place Culvert Replacement Project has come to a halt while we wrestle with the problem Pepco electric line powering the pool house. The Pepco line crosses the stream near the bridge and interferes with a planned rock structure (called a 'Rock A-Vane"). Our engineers at FSA and construction contractor, Triangle, have come up with a proposed work around that moves the rock structure about 10 feet upstream while (we hope) adequately protecting the Pepco line. The work around is now under review by all parties; we're hoping we can reach consensus that it will work. Otherwise, we're in for a delay that could last months while we either move the line or abandon it and bring power to the pool house from Greenplace Terrace. If the interested parties can come to a consensus on proceeding with the proposed work around, we can likely complete the construction portions of the project before March 1st. (March 1st is an important date because the State closes streams to construction between then and June 15th.) Triangle has moved their crew to another project for now and we will have to work with them to re-schedule. The City's Forester has also advised that landscaping must wait until after March 1st. In the meantime, Triangle completed stabilizing the upstream site with matting, removed plastic boundary fencing, and spread aggregate over the bridge and path around the pond. 
While the path around the pond is now open to foot traffic, the bridge remains closed because safety railing have not been installed. The plastic fencing Triangle used to obstruct both ends of the bridge to traffic was torn down shortly after it was erected by persons unknown. Until safety rails can be installed (ordered last week with a 5-6 week lead-time), the bridge must stay closed per City regulations. To that end, we will soon have a chain-link fence barrier erected at both ends of the bridge. However tempting it may be, please do not venture onto the bridge and caution your children similarly.
If you have any questions about this project, please contact Pat Donohue or Bill Scharf, the Fallsmead Project Representatives, at grounds@fallsmead.org.
Calling All Volunteers!
January 13, 2023
Fallsmead runs as well as it does due to the effort, time, and talents of its residents. We have several openings for new volunteers on our committees, a list of which can be found here. If you are interested in serving on (or learning about) any of these committees, please reach out to one of the Board members or send an email to president@fallsmead.org.
We are also looking for volunteers to fill several key positions:
  • Social Committee Chair - The Social Committee has been without a chair for a year. That committee helps organize community social events such as neighborhood picnics, parades, pool parties, house decorating contests, holiday events, and adult happy hours. The committee also identifies ways the neighborhood can participate in charitable events such as toy/food drives, etc.
  • Fallsmead Forum Editor - We are looking for a new Fallsmead Forum Editor after this year. Anyone interested in that job could join us on the Communications Committee this year to start learning the ropes.
We look forward to working with you!
ACC Matter Regarding Unapproved Copper Gutters
December 12, 2022
In response to community interest, the Board of Directors is making available the presentation on this matter from the October 19, 2022, community meeting, as well as a followup explainer. Both documents can be accessed under the ACC section of the Documents and Forms page of the website (residents are required to log in to their Fallsmead.org accounts to access this page). 
Lights, Camera...Fallsmead!
April 27, 2022
Did you see the new article featuring Fallsmead in the Washington Post? Click here to give it a read!
It has been a long time since we got a write-up like that in the Post. Click here for the last one that we know of from way back in 2002 (copied from an actual hard-copy paper, no less!).
Trucks in Fallsmead
January 21, 2021

The Board of Directors adopted in December 2020 a new "Overnight Garaging of Trucks & Commercial Vehicles Rule & Regulation" regarding the interpretation of Article VII, Section 4 of the Covenants that address overnight parking of commercial vehicles and trucks to define the terms “commercial vehicles” and “trucks” as used in the Covenants.
Under the new Rule and Regulation, the following vehicles are required to be garaged overnight:
  • Commercial vehicles; 
  • Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) rating of 8,500 pounds or greater; and 
  • Any vehicle with a GVW rating under 8,500 pounds with an exposed flat/cargo bed, and/or physical divider between the passenger cab area and the other portion of the vehicle, unless the flat/cargo bed is covered with a fitted and intact covering, such as a tonneau cover or cap no higher than the cab, provided the covering is used to cover the flat/cargo bed overnight, or the flat/cargo bed is kept empty overnight.
Trucks as defined in the new Rule and Regulation with a GVW under 8,500 do NOT have to be garaged overnight if they have a cover over their cargo bed or their truck bed is empty.
Read the entire new Rule and Regulation on page 6 of the December 2020 Fallsmead Forum.
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