Fallsmead News
Calling All Volunteers!
November 17, 2023 (Updated)
Fallsmead runs as well as it does due to the effort, time, and talents of its residents. We have several openings for volunteers on our committees, a list of which can be found here. We are also looking for a new Fallsmead Forum Editor and a new Fallsmead Directory Editor.
If you are interested in serving on (or learning about) any of these committees or in any of these positions, please reach out to one of the Board members or send an email to president@fallsmead.org.
We look forward to working with you!
In-Person HOA Board Meetings
July 31, 2023
In 2020, in response to the pandemic, the Fallsmead Board of Directors suspended in-person meetings in favor of virtual gatherings via Zoom. We're pleased to report that we will return to in-person meetings starting with our next HOA Board meeting on August 14th.
As with all regular board meetings, Fallsmead residents are welcome to attend, whether to observe, ask questions, or raise issues for discussion. The standard agenda includes an open forum for resident questions and comments near the start of any regular meeting.
Please visit the community calendar here on Fallsmead.org for the meeting times and locations of upcoming HOA Board meetings. 
Tennis/Picklball Updates
April 23, 2023
The website and rules for pickleball have now been updated after a thorough process including a highly supported Resident Survey. Thank you to the 176 households who responded to the survey; the results including all resident comments can be viewed here. Based on the community input, the following administrative changes and rule updates or clarifications were identified, reviewed with the HOA Board, introduced during the March 13th HOA Board/Community Meeting, and implemented on the Fallsmead website on April 21st:
  • Court 2 is now labeled Court 2A and 2B and the two pickleball courts can be reserved individually.
  • Pickleball reservations/play on Courts 2A and 2B will start no earlier than 9am.
  • Court 1 will remain for tennis-only; and temporary use for large-group pickleball games will no longer be permitted at this time.
  • Reservations can now be made in 30-minute increments.
  • Advanced reservations are now limited to 2 weeks ahead of the current day.
  • Up to 3 guests per resident will still be permitted, but a Fallsmead resident must be present on each court at all times.
  • Residents may not make reservations for a group of non-residents or non-resident family members.
In other news, a contractor for the tennis court repair and full-repaint has been selected and we are in the process of completing the contract with hopes for the work to be performed in August/September weather permitting. Thank you to the Fallsmead residents for participation in the survey and please enjoy the Fallsmead Tennis/Pickleball Courts this spring and summer! Questions and comments may be sent to tennis@fallsmead.org.
Lights, Camera...Fallsmead!
April 27, 2022
Did you see the new article featuring Fallsmead in the Washington Post? Click here to give it a read!
It has been a long time since we got a write-up like that in the Post. Click here for the last one that we know of from way back in 2002 (copied from an actual hard-copy paper, no less!).