Fallsmead History
Welcome to the Fallsmead History page! On this page, you can find links to Fallsmead's past which will tell you the story of the birth and growth of this wonderful neighborhood.
A special thanks to everyone who shared with us all of their old Fallsmead pictures and documents: Nancy Bauman-Moore, Monica and Jim Beller, Jean Bissey, Tony Cammarota, Dave Carter, John Croarkin, Carol Dollarhide, Sherri Earman, Nancy Keefe, Evanette Luton, Ted Marburg, Jim Marrinan, Eileen Marston, Jim Morgan, Linda Saveland, Bill and Barb Scharf, Ed and Lynda Tennent, and Jason Woo. Please forgive us if we have accidentally left you off the list. . .just let us know if we missed you and we will add your name!
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In the Beginning
Fallsmead in Print
The First Issue of the Fallsmead Forum from April 1969. Click on the picture or the link above to access past Forums.
Images of the Way It Was
Click here to access pictures of Fallsmead over the years. Members can even add your own photos (or you can email them directly to communications@fallsmead.org)!  Even more Fallsmead history pictures can be seen by clicking here to access the Photo Album page.
Early Fallsmead Documents
(Member access only)
Social and Community
50th Anniversary Celebration
25th Anniversary Celebration
2000 and Beyond
Governance and Topics of Interest
(Member access only - click here or on the images below to access these documents)
  • 1968 Kettler Director Resignations
  • 1969 Fallsmead Election Ballot
  • 1970 ACC Policy Document
  • 1970 Draft Budget
  • 1970 Maintenance and Recreation Committee Minutes
  • 1970-1973 FHC Board of Directors
  • 1971 Stop Signs Issue
  • 1972 Volunteers and Dues Late Charge Notice
  • 1972 ACC Rules and Fallsmead Park Regulations
  • 1973 Fallsmead Election Ballot
  • 1973 Committee Reports
  • 1973-1974 Pipestem Park Auto Entrance Issue
  • 1974 Special FHC Meeting Crime/Buddy McCracken
  • 1981 Fallsmead Community Expansion
  • 1982 Dues Notice Letter
  • 1983 Gabion Dam Proposal
  • 1985 Cable TV Installation Vote
  • 1986 Fallsmead Election Ballot
  • 1995 FHC Board of Directors
  • 1995 Dues Notice Letter
  • 1997 Fallsmead Election Ballot
  • 1999-2000 Pool Renovation/Special Assessment
2000 and Beyond
  • 2000 FHC Board of Directors
  • 2002 Parking Issue
  • 2004 Fallsmead Election Ballot
  • 2008 Dues Increase FAQs
  • 2009 Amended and Restated By-laws and Covenants Voting Package
The ballot from the 2009 vote on the Amended and Restated By-laws and Covenants.  Click on the picture or here to access the entire voting packet.