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Fallsmead Sharks


Welcome to the Fallsmead Sharks web page!  The Fallsmead Sharks are the official swim team of the Fallsmead neighborhood.  We swim in the
Montgomery County Swim League.  The Sharks provide a wonderful social and recreational opportunity for the children of our neighborhood.  Let us know if you have any questions about the Sharks by selecting the Fallsmead Sharks link on the Contact Us page.  Check out our FAQ for answers to all your swim team questions!!
***Updated (7/24/17)***
Congratulations to the Sharks on a third place finish at Divisionals and an overal third place finish in our Division!
We will remain in Division N for 2018 and are seeded #1!

Thank you again to all our wonderful coaches, parents, and swimmers... what a great season it has been, and you all make it possible.

If you have any feedback, ideas, suggestions, please let us know!
Below is the article about swim team that was read at banquet, and explains perfectly the way many of us feel about summer swimming
Not every kid is going to set records but in summer league every kid has an opportunity to feel good about the experience, learn about swimming and enjoy competing individually at his own level and as a part of the team,” “When coaches connect with children as individuals who have something to contribute in their own way, it reaches them at their core and they learn the value of being part of something that is wonderful. It is 'fun, fitness and competition' — in that order.
You learn how to give something your all. You learn how to swim your heart out, maybe come up short and lose with dignity. You also learn how to spring from pool deck, race your heart out, and win with grace. Both are equally important. They teach character. All sports teach character. But none do it better than swimming, where a fingertip touch can be the difference between first and second.
You get your very first taste of swimming as a team. When the meet is on the line and all that stands between your summer team and that last relay, the cheers are deafening. It’s about more than you. Often you’re going against your fiercest competitors and your closest friends. You learn how to race for something more than yourself.
Summer swimming builds community. In a world where we all race from place to place and rush through lives at a rapid pace, a summer meet slows us down, if only for a few hours. You get to know your neighbors well when you spend three hours timing a Saturday morning meet, eating yet another dinner at the pool on a Friday night, or meeting for lunch after the morning meet.
Memories are made, not just for the kids, but parents as well. In the blink of an eye and one day it will be gone. You will miss it. Most of all, as your child stands side by side with kids who were them ten years earlier, they learn the most important lesson of all: You’re a competitive swimmer. And it’s in these moments that it’s your turn to show them the pure joy of swimming – to pass it on
Summer swimming is not about victories, championships and trophies, These are things that motivate us to do our best, but they are ultimately unimportant compared to the teamwork, the sportsmanship, the camaraderie, the sweat, the difficulties overcome. There exists in a summer swim season an infinite number of teachable moments and endless room for improvement so that, ultimately, it does not matters whether you win or lose, or how you played the game, but THAT you played the game and that you love the sport enough to do it again next season. I hope we get to see everyone again next season!
TEAM PHOTOS - please collect your 8x10 team photo from Elise or Jo at the pool!
Need to submit a swim team reimbursement request? CLICK HERE to do it online
The swim team is completely dependent on parent volunteers and cannot run without it. Every parent is expected to contribute some of their time during the season. Please contact us using the links below with questions or ideas.
***Slide Shows***
We are working on getting slide shows from recent years onto the website. You will need to login to access this portion of the website. 
**Team Info**
See our swim team info page for details on the PROGRAMS we offer and for our PRACTICE SCHEDULE!
At the beginning of the summer, the coaches will assess your child’s individual skills and will place your child in Tiger Sharks, Hammerheads, Great Whites, or Swim Team depending on skills.
FAQ are addressed here

Head and Assistant Coaches: fallsmeadsharks@gmail.com
Volunteer questions: sharks@fallsmead.org
The Fallsmead Sharks rely on parent and community volunteers to make it a fun and successful season. If you are interested in helping out with swim team planning or are just interested in finding out more information about the swim team, please visit the parent & volunteer info page or contact our reps by clicking on the Fallsmead Sharks link on the Contact Us page.
Interested in Fall?Winter/Spring swimming? Check out the following programs:
Click the photo for a link to our photo album! Please submit your photos!